Panprices January 2020 Update - Design, Search, Shipping and Trustability

Panprices January 2020 Update

Team Panprices • 
Jan 20

👋The Panprices Team has been hard at work for the past couple of months. We’re excited to announce that we are launching a new and updated version of  Panprices today! Lot’s of new changes are coming and more are on the way. Here’s a couple of the big changes that we are introducing in this version. 


Panprices has undergone a big design change that makes it a lot easier to use. The home page has seen the most drastic modifications coming from the first release of Panprices. The layout has changed and certain additions have been made to make the home page more interactive. This includes sections for our blog posts, a new popular categories slider, user feedback, and news mentions. Users will also be met by an improved product page that streamlines a simpler user experience. The idea was to make the product page easier to read whilst also making sure that all relevant information is easily displayed.

Here is one example of the new design.

🔍New Search

The search functionality has been improved to be more precise and includes even more products than before. The search has also gotten a facelift making it easier and more smooth to search for your favourite products by including product pictures and prices in the suggestions. 

📦Shipping Data

Since we launched one of the most frequently asked questions has been what the total price is including shipping. We are happy to announce that you’ll now be able to easily see whether a retailer ships to your location and see the total cost including the shipping cost. We’ve added a ton of retailers, and a bunch more are coming in the near future. 


When you are shopping from abroad and comparing prices across Europe chances are there will be a lot of retailers which you’ve never heard about before. We’ve worked hard on an algorithm for determining how trustworthy different retailers are. To enable this we have collected and compiled different sources of publicly available data and created ratings on a scale of 1 to 5, the higher the better. Users can easily distinguish the good from the bad in order to make the most beneficial purchase decision.

Shipping and ratings makes shopping a breeze.

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